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Do you have a question about a certain plastic material you want to use?

Then ask us…

Whether you are looking to make some armor, shields, swords, helmets, masks or want to see and ask questions regarding plastic. Then look no further, for we are the company that you need.
Plastics have been incorporated into props, masks, and numerous decorative aesthetics for commercial and individuals with the vision to create.

Some of the most commonly used plastics that we supply are:

Foam PVC/Sintra®

*Wonderflex, Worbla and Specialty Craft Foams are not sold or distributed by Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc.

The size and tolerances vary for every single material. Generally most standard sheets are 48″ X 96″. However there are some that are offered in 48″ X 120″ and 24″ X 48″. For a list of tolerances Visit Our Tolerance page! If you are not sure about what material to choose check out our Materials Guide.

Please look at each individual material for data sheets. If you are not sure about what material to choose check out our Materials Guide.

I really like this place. I had some questions regarding plastic materials and these guys are very knowledgeable. The cool thing about them is that you can see what the material looks and feels like, plus they have people from the motion picture industry using their materials when making small scale models. I had questions about painting certain plastics and the employees here gave me some excellent recommendations. -Steve S.

I stumbled onto this website through prop forums and social networks like tumblr. This is a great place for cosplayers and also for creative people that are working on prototypes for different applications. For those people that are on a budget I would highly recommend buying plastic remnants at their Will Call. They have a pretty big selections of materials to choose from. I think this place is amazing. –Susie H.

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