1.000″ Nylon Sheet


This 1.000″ Nylon Sheet comes in pre-cut, pre-packaged packs. These are the available options for this thickness. 

Choose Color and Sizes below:

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This material has a 1.000″ thickness and is available in packs.


The cut parts will have a cut tolerance of up to +/-.250″ – meaning that a part 24″ X 24″ may be 23.750″ X 23.750″ or up to 24.250″ X 24.250″ to allow for a saw blade to cut the rod. This being said, we will cut as close as possible.

These rods are shipped in 40″ lengths to save you money on your purchase. Shipping services increase the cost of freight dramatically when the length of a product exceeds 48″ in length.

If you are looking for something other than what is shown, please reach out to us here.



12″X12″ =  $132.50 X (2 pieces)

12″X24″ = $265.00 X (1 pieces)


12″X12″ =  $143.75 X (2 pieces)

12″X24″ = $287.50 X (1 pieces)

Additional information

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions12 × 24 × 1.000 in



12"X12" (2 pieces), 12"X24" (1 piece)


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