.250″ (1/4″)Thick ABS Sheet – Hair Cell Finish 1 Side


.250″ Extruded ABS Sheet with Hair-Cell finish 1 side/smooth on back side

Choose Color and Piece Sizes Below:


This material is .250″ thick in various piece sizes.

The cut parts will have a cut tolerance of  +/-.250″ – meaning that a part 24″ X 24″ may be 23.750″ X 23.750″ or up to 24.250″ X 24.250″ to allow for a saw blade to cut the sheet.

The ABS plastic material compares favorably with other engineering and mechanical plastics.

Because ABS is bondable, it is commonly used to replace machinable plastics that are not bondable, like Nylon, Acetal and HDPE.

If you are looking for something other than what is shown, please reach out to us here.


12″X12″ = $4.27 X 16 pieces

16″X16″ = $7.59 X 9 pieces

24″X24″ = $17.07 X 4 pieces

24″X32″ = $22.76 x 3 pieces

Additional information

Weight14 lbs
Dimensions23 × 23 × 4 in

White, Black


12"X12" (16 pieces), 16"X16" (9 pieces), 24"X24" (4 pieces), 24"X32" (3 pieces)


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