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6 Responses to “Request For Quote”

  1. Mindy Benham

    I submitted for a quote, but I can’t tell if it went through. Just following up here so you can contact me if nothing else with my name comes through. 949-862-5434. Thanks!

  2. Plastic Man

    Hi, we have received your inquiry, and will be contacting you shortly. Thanks

  3. S.Howard

    We previously decided on working with ABS to create an outdoor product but have recently found out that Polyethylene is much better for outdoor use as it UV resistant. Our original plans included airbrushing on the ABS or wrapping it (similar to vehicle wrapping). We have now ran into the problem that this Polyethylene is not able to be airbrushed and/or wrapped. Offering designs for our product is absolutely mandatory. Do you have any suggestions for material that can stand against harsh sun and/or very cold temperatures and also be painted/airbrushed, etc? Or any suggestions as to how to make the Polyethylene agreeable to airbrushing, wrapping or some alternative to creating designs on it?

    Your suggestions and experienced advice is very much appreciated!

  4. Plastic Man

    S. Howard
    You have asked one of the most popular questions in plastics.
    Most materials that accept paint are not UV resistant, ie: High Impact Styrene, ABS, etc.
    Also, many materials that are UV resistant won’t accept paint, like the Sunboard HDPE you mentioned.
    There are a few materials that accept paint well, and while they are not UV resistant, the paint you put on will protect the material from the sun.
    The first one that comes to mind is Type 1 PVC Sheet. It is stocked in Gray, and in 48″ X 96″. It can be easily painted with an Acrylic based paint, and that will protect the PVC from the sun.
    One material that is very UV resistant and is paintable is Acrylic Sheet. Virtually invisible to the sun and paintable, the one issue we find with some applications, is that Acrylic is brittle.
    If you can let us know the sizes you are considering, we would be happy to work on price and availability.

  5. Peter Carstensen

    your site acts fluky when i send in quote, just checking to see if you got it

  6. Plastic Man

    Hi Peter,
    We did receive your inquiry, and our team is currently reviewing it.
    You should have an answer shortly.
    We will also check to see why it looked odd.
    Thank you.

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