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Since 1951 Westlake Plastics has produced the most stress free mechanical plastics available. Westlake Plastics is a world leading manufacturer in extrusion and compression molding technologies of high performance thermoplastics.  Their advanced technologies allow conversion of a full range of thermoplastic resins into stock shapes and film. For applications ranging from Medical and Aviation/Aerospace, Chemical Instrumentation and Electrical/Electronics, Food Handling, Computer and Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical and Semiconductor. Providing a vast product line of Chemical Resistance, Engineering, Film, High Performance, Medical, Compression Molded, Static Control materials.

Westlake Plastics

Industrial Plastic Supply has been a premier supplier of Westlake Plastic materials for over 35 years. With one of the largest inventories of the full line of Westlake Plastic materials ready to ship.

With both compression molding and extrusion technologies, they are able to offer small runs of customized products with short turn around as well as samples. If it’s product or application knowledge you seek, Westlake Plastics and Industrial Plastics are ready to respond to your challenges.

Here are some of Westlake Plastics Premier Products:

Industrial Plastic Supply carries a wide selection of Westlake Plastics products in stock, ready for shipment. Please contact us today for more information on this product line, and some of the many specialty items Westlake Plastics can make to satisfy your needs.

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