Here are the most common questions and answers to common problems.


Shopping Cart Issues?

If you are having an issue with adding items to the ‘Shopping Cart‘, please check the version of your Browser. Due to the continual changing and updating of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for credit card purchase safety, we update our site and our shopping cart to keep you safe. This means you may need to update  your browser to work with these new secure changes to insure a safe transaction. Our aim is to keep you and your credit card safe online.


Current versions (as of 11/06/2017) are: most_popular_browsers_postxp



If your browser is not a current version, you may experience some difficulty with our current and regularly updated website.  Please update your browser.

How do I know if my Browser is up to date?

Simply click on ‘Help’ at the top of your browser tool bar.  Then click on ‘About’, and it will show you the version you are currently running. If the version you are running is older than the versions listed above, please take a minute or two and update it today.

How do I get prices?

On each material page, at the bottom, is a listing of materials available online. Simply pick the required material from our Materials Page, and scroll to the bottom of the page for pricing. There are normally 2 or 3 ‘tabs’ with different sizes, shapes or types of material. You may pick from that listing of standard online products.

— OR —

You may contact us for specific pricing on specific items. We stock over 80 plastic materials in a huge range of sizes and shapes. You may e-mail us here, call us at 866-832-9315, fax us at 714-978-2812 or if we are online, you may ‘chat’ with us live.

More to be added.

If you have a suggestion of something that needs to be added, please let us know. Thank you.