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High Tech / Performance
FM 4910 Materials
Anti-Static / ESD / Conductive
Material Selection Guide
Type of  MaterialKey Properties
A.B.S.Bondable, paintable, formable, rigid
Acetal CopolymerStiff, dimensionally stable, wear resistant
AcrylicBondable, can be transparent, formable, paintable
Acrylic for LEDsBondable, formable, paintable, ideal for color lighting
Delrin Homopolymer AcetalStiff, dimensionally stable, wear resistant
HDPE – LDPEExcellent Chemical Resistance, stiff, tough
High Impact StyreneStiff, paintable, formable, printable, die cut-able
Laminates – PhenolicsExtremely stiff, excellent electrical properties
LDPE – HDPEExcellent Chemical Resistance, stiff, tough
Noryl® P.P.O.Water resistant, UL-94 approved, very low moisture absorption
NylonVery wear resistant, stiff, tough
P.E.E.KExtremely chemical resistant, high temp resistant
P.E.TExcellent machining, stiff, wear resistant
P.E.T.G.Formable, transparent, indoor applications
Playground – UV HDPEScratch resistant, vibrant colors, does not rot, chip, or fade
Polycarbonate – Lexan ®Extremely high impact strength, can be transparent, UL-94
PolyethyleneChemical Resistance, Light Weight, Formable, Weldable
PolypropyleneExcellent Chemical Resistance, stiff, tough
PolyurethaneExcellent Abrasion Resistance, High Impact strength
PVCBondable, Machinable, Paintable, Rigid
P.V.D.F.Extremely Good Chemical Resistance, UL-94
P.T.F.E.High Temp, Excellent Chemical Resistant and Electrical Properties
Radel 5500 – PPSU (Rod only)Resistant To Most Non-concentrated cleaning chemicals. High heat deflection.
Sunboard (Marine Grade) – UV HDPEUV stable, does not rot, fade, chip, maintenance free
U.H.M.W.Excellent Wear Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Light Weight
UltemExcellent Chemical Resistance, High Temp

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This listing of a wide variety of plastic materials is not complete. There are dozens of other materials that are not as common that we can supply. All of these plastics may be supplied in Plastic Sheet, Plastic Rod, Plastic Tube, Plastic Round Rod, Plastic Strip, Plastic Bar, Plastic Rectangular Bar, Plastic Square Bar and many other configurations. Please contact us with your plastic needs, we are happy to help.

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