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Plastic Trade Names

Here is a listing of trade names, equivalent materials and manufacturers names. This is a reference page only, Industrial Plastic Supply is not a supplier of all these brands, and is not affiliated with all these manufacturers.

Also links to pages that reference this plastic material if available. Click on – Material Name – this is a Link to material associated to the trade name, and will go to the Product and Data Sheet page.

Trade Names



 AcculamPhenolic LaminateAccurate Laminate
 AkulonPA – NylonAkzo/Wilson
 BakelitePhenolic LaminateUnion Carbide
 CapronPA – NylonAllied Signal
 CelanesePA – Nylon 6/6Ticona
 CelanexPolyester – PET/PBTTicona
 CycolacABSSABIC (former GE)
 DuranexPolyester – PBTTicona
 Duratron PEIPEIQuadrant
 DurethanPAPA – Nylon 6Bayer
 DyflorPVDFEvonik Ind.
 EktarPETGEastman Chemical
 EnsilonPA- NylonEnsinger
 EnsitepPolyester – PETEnsinger
 ErtalonPA – NylonQuadrant
 FortronPPSHoechst Celanese
 GrilamidPA – NylonEmser
 GrilonPA – NylonEmser
 Hydex 4101Polyester – PBTEnsinger
 Hydlar ZFKevlar Filled NylonEnsinger
 ImpetPolyesterHoechst Celanese
 KamaxAcrylicRohm & Haas
 Ketron 1000PEEKQuadrant
 MaranylPA – NylonLNP Engineering
 MicartaPhenolic LaminateNorplex
 MindelModified PolysulfoneAmoco
 NorylPPOSABIC (former GE)
 NydurPA – NylonMobay
 PalvinylPVCPal Plastics
 PaxonHDPEPaxon Polymer
 RilsanPA – NylonAtochem
 RoyaliteABSSpartech Uniroyal
 RynitePolyester – PETDupont
 Sanalite (cutting board)PolyethyleneQuadrant
 SpaulditePhenolic LaminateSpaulding
 SustamidPA – NylonSustaplast
 Sustatec PEEKPEEKSustaplast
 Sustatec PEIPEISustaplast
 Sustatec PVDFPVDFSustaplast
 Symalit PVDFPVDFQuadrant
 Techtron PPSPPSQuadrant
 Thermocomp DPolycarbonateLNP Engineering
 Tivar & Tivar HotUHMWQuadrant
 Ultem 1000PEISABIC (former GE)
 Ultem 2300PEISABIC (former GE)
 UltradurPolyester – PBTBASF
 UltramidPA – NylonBASF
 UnilatePolyester – PBTNytef
 UnipaPA – NylonNytef
 UnitepPolyester – PETNytef
 UnitronPolyphenylene SulfideNytef
 ValoxPolyester – PBTSABIC (former GE)
 VectonPA – Cast NylonEnsinger
 Versadur PolyethylenePolyethyleneSimona Plastics
 Versadur Polypro H & CPolypropyleneSimona Plastics
 Versadur PVCPVCSimona Plastics
 Victrex 450GPEEKVictrex
 VydynePA – NylonMonsanto
 ZL-1000PEIZ/L Plastics
 ZL-1100PA – Nylon – CastZ/L Plastics
 ZL-1400Polyester – PETZ/L Plastics
 ZL-1500PEEKZ/L Plastics
 ZL-1600PolycarbonateZ/L Plastics
 ZL-1700PVDFZ/L Plastics
 ZL-250PA – Nylon – ExtrudedZ/L Plastics
 ZL-900AcetalZ/L Plastics
 ZytelPA – NylonDupont
If you have additional Trade Names you would like to see or to add to our list of common Trade Names, please let us know. If you have a Trade Name that is not on our list, and want us to identify it for you, please let us know, contact us hereNeed help choosing the proper plastic material for your application, check out our free Plastic Material Selector Guide.

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