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Plastic Trade Names

Here is a listing of trade names, equivalent materials and manufacturers names. This is a reference page only, Industrial Plastic Supply is not a supplier of all these brands, and is not affiliated with all these manufacturers.

Also links to pages that reference this plastic material if available. Click on – Material Name – this is a Link to material associated to the trade name, and will go to the Product and Data Sheet page.

Trade Names



 Absylux ABS Westlake
 Acculam Phenolic Laminate Accurate Laminate
 Acetron Acetal Quadrant
 Acrylite Acrylic Cyro
 Acrysteel Acrylic Aristech
 Akulon PA – Nylon Akzo/Wilson
 Alathon HDPE Occidental
 Anwidur PVC Anwil
 Apex PVC Teknor
 Ardel Polyarylate Amoco
 Aristech Acrylic Aristech
 Astavin PVC Marplex
 Bakelite Phenolic Laminate Union Carbide
 Calibre Polycarbonate Dow
 Capron PA – Nylon Allied Signal
 Celanese PA – Nylon 6/6 Ticona
 Celanex Polyester – PET/PBT Ticona
 Celcon Acetal Ticona
 Corzan CPVC Quadrant
 Cryolite Acrylic Cyro
 Cycolac ABS SABIC (former GE)
 Cytop Acetal Dupont
Densetec HDPE Polymer Ind.
Diakon Acrylic ICI
 Dowlex LDPE Dow
 Duracon Acetal Ticona
 Duranex Polyester – PBT Ticona
 Duratron PEI PEI Quadrant
 DurethanPA PA – Nylon 6 Bayer
 Dyflor PVDF Evonik Ind.
 Dylene Polystyrene Arco
 Dyneon PTFE 3M
 Ektar PETG Eastman Chemical
 Ensicar Polycarbonate Ensinger
 Ensifide PPS Ensinger
 Ensifone Polysulfone Ensinger
 Ensikem PVDF Ensinger
 Ensilon PA- Nylon Ensinger
 Ensital Acetal Ensinger
 Ensitep Polyester – PET Ensinger
 Ertacetal Acetal Quadrant
 Ertalon PA – Nylon Quadrant
 Foraflon PVDF Atochem
 Forar HDPE Amoco
 Fortiflex HDPE Solvay
 Fortilene Polypropylene Solvay
 Fortron PPS Hoechst Celanese
 Geon PVC Geon
 Grilamid PA – Nylon Emser
 Grilon PA – Nylon Emser
 Hostaform Acetal Ticona
 Hostalen HDPE Ticona
 Hostalen UHMW Ticona
 Hydex 4101 Polyester – PBT Ensinger
 Hydlar ZF Kevlar Filled Nylon Ensinger
 Hyzod Polycarbonate Bayer
 Impet Polyester Hoechst Celanese
 Kamax Acrylic Rohm & Haas
 Ketron 1000 PEEK Quadrant
 King Cutting Board Polyethylene King Plastics
 Korad Acrylic PEP
 Kynar PVDF Arkema
 Lubital Acetal Mitsubishi
 Lucite Acrylic Dupont
 Lustran ABS Monsanto
 Lustrex Polystyrene Novacor
 Magnum ABS Dow
 Makrolon Polycarbonate Bayer
 Maranyl PA – Nylon LNP Engineering
 Marlex HDPE Phillips
 Merlon Polycarbonate Bayer
 Micarta Phenolic Laminate Norplex
 Mindel Modified Polysulfone Amoco
 Neoflon PTFE Daikin
 Noryl PPO SABIC (former GE)
 Norylux PPO Westlake
 Novodur ABS Bayer
 Nydur PA – Nylon Mobay
 Oleplate Polypropylene Amoco
 Olevac Polypropylene Amoco
 Palvinyl PVC Pal Plastics
 Paxon HDPE Paxon Polymer
 Petrothene Polyethylene Quantum
 Plexiglas Acrylic AtoHaas
Polystone Polyethylene Rochling
 Polystrol Polystyrene BASF
 Pomalux Acetal Westlake
 Propylux Polypropylene Westlake
 Proteus Polypropylene Quadrant
 Radel Polyethersulfone Solvay
 Rilsan PA – Nylon Atochem
 Royalite ABS Spartech Uniroyal
 Rynite Polyester – PET Dupont
 Sanalite (cutting board) Polyethylene Quadrant
 Sintimid Polyimide Ensinger
 Solef PVDF Soltex
 Spauldite Phenolic Laminate Spaulding
 Sustamid PA – Nylon Sustaplast
 Sustarin Acetal Sustaplast
 Sustatec PEEK PEEK Sustaplast
 Sustatec PEI PEI Sustaplast
 Sustatec PVDF PVDF Sustaplast
 Symalit PVDF PVDF Quadrant
 Tecavinyl PVC Ensinger
 Techtron PPS PPS Quadrant
 Tempalux PEI Westlake
 Terluran ABS BASF
 Thermalux Polysulfone Westlake
 Thermocomp D Polycarbonate LNP Engineering
 Tivar & Tivar Hot UHMW Quadrant
 Toyolac ABS Toray
 Trovidur PVC Roechling
 Udel Polysulfone Solvay
 Ultem 1000 PEI SABIC (former GE)
 Ultem 2300 PEI SABIC (former GE)
 Ultradur Polyester – PBT BASF
 Ultraform Acetal BASF
 Ultramid PA – Nylon BASF
 Unicar Polycarbonate Nytef
 Unifone Polysulfone Nytef
 Unilate Polyester – PBT Nytef
 Uninar PVDF Nytef
 Uninor PPO Nytef
 Unipa PA – Nylon Nytef
 Unital Acetal Nytef
 Unitem PEI Nytef
 Unitep Polyester – PET Nytef
 Unitrex PEEK Nytef
 Unitron Polyphenylene Sulfide Nytef
 Valox Polyester – PBT SABIC (former GE)
 Vecton PA – Cast Nylon Ensinger
 Versadur Polyethylene Polyethylene Simona Plastics
 Versadur Polypro H & C Polypropylene Simona Plastics
 Versadur PVC PVC Simona Plastics
 Victrex 450G PEEK Victrex
 Vydyne PA – Nylon Monsanto
 Zelux Polycarbonate Westlake
 ZL-1000 PEI Z/L Plastics
 ZL-1100 PA – Nylon – Cast Z/L Plastics
 ZL-1400 Polyester – PET Z/L Plastics
 ZL-1500 PEEK Z/L Plastics
 ZL-1600 Polycarbonate Z/L Plastics
 ZL-1700 PVDF Z/L Plastics
 ZL-250 PA – Nylon – Extruded Z/L Plastics
 ZL-900 Acetal Z/L Plastics
 Zytel PA – Nylon Dupont

If you have additional Trade Names you would like to see or to add to our list of common Trade Names, please let us know. If you have a Trade Name that is not on our list, and want us to identify it for you, please let us know, contact us hereNeed help choosing the proper plastic material for your application, check out our free Plastic Material Selector Guide.

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