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PVDF - Polyvinylidene Fluoride - Kynar®

Kynar® 740 and HD1000 have excellent chemical resistance

PVDF – Arkema Kynar®

This extremely chemical resistant material is used in high purify fluid handling systems and parts.

PVDF material has excellent abrasion resistance, nuclear radiation resistance and unsurpassed chemical resistance.

Used in extensively in application for extremely very low moisture absorption and resistance to virtually all chemicals and solvents.

The most popular trade name is Kynar® and Kynar® 740 – made by Arkema®, but also available as: HD1000, Ensikem®, Tecaflon®, Mechatec® PVDF, Polystone® PVDF, Unitar®, Sustatec®, Kytec®, Symalit®, Foraflon®, Solef®, Trovidur® and others.

PVDF materials are FM-4910 rated materials, excellent heat and flame resistance.

We Specialize in Engineering Plastics, Mechanical Plastics and PVDF – Kynar® High Performance Plastics

Why you should use PVDF – Kynar® brand:

This material has excellent abrasion and exceptional chemical resistance. Has high dielectric strength and very good mechanical strength.

  • Excellent corrosion & chemical resistance at ambient and elevated temperatures
  • Chemically inert and extremely high purity
  • 300 degrees F continuous use temperature
  • Low permeability to gases and liquids
  • Excellent balance of strength, toughness and abrasion resistance
  • FDA, USDA, 3A, FM4910 and USP VI compliant
  • Offers excellent strength, rigidity and machinability
  • PVDF is ITAR compliant, and PVDF is RoHS compliant

Frequently used in:

  • High Purity Fluid Processing Systems
  • Fluid sensors, manifolds and valves
  • Chemical processing and storage parts
  • Liquid chromatography components
  • Bearings and bushings
  • DI water systems

Materials available as:


.250″ – 4″ in Natural (Ivory – Tan) in 24″ X 48″


375″ – 6″ diameter in Natural (Ivory – Tan) up to 120″ lengths (.250″ – 2.50″)

These Properties are for evaluation purposes only.

This information is not to be construed as a warranty, guarantee or assurance that you may achieve the same results. Materials made from different resin types, manufacturing techniques and manufacturers will react differently. The information should be used to compare against other materials only, and each user should make his own tests to determine suitability. No warranty as to this materials suitability are either expressed nor implied.

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