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California Proposition 65 information


California Proposition 65 Information

Proposition 65

Proposition 65 is also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.  Prop 65 protects the state’s drinking water sources from being contaminated with chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and requires businesses to inform Californians about exposures to such chemicals.

According to Proposition 65, suppliers and distributors of a product and retail sellers need to provide a clear and reasonable warning for all product that may expose the consumer to any of the listed substances. Here is a list of chemicals known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.

Prop 65 ChemicalsMay Cause Birth DefectsMay Cause CancerSDS Source
ABS – Black Haircell Butyl benzyl phthalate (85‐68‐7) Carbon black (1333‐86‐4), Acrylonitrile (104‐13‐1)Ensinger
ABS – Natural HaircellAcrylonitrile (104‐13‐1), Butyl benzyl phthalate (85‐68‐7) NoneEnsinger
ABS – Black Machine Grade Butyl benzyl phthalate (85‐68‐7) Carbon black (1333‐86‐4)Ensinger
ABS – Natural Machine GradeAcrylonitrile (104‐13‐1), Butyl benzyl phthalate (85‐68‐7) NoneEnsinger
Acetal – Black CopolymerAcrylamide (79-06-1), Ethylene Oxide (75-21-8) , Formaldehyde (50-00-0) Acrylamide (79-06-1), , Formaldehyde (50-00-0) Ensinger
Acetal – Natural CopolymerAcrylamide (79-06-1), Ethylene Oxide (75-21-8), Formaldehyde (50-00-0) Acrylamide (79-06-1), Ethylene Oxide (75-21-8) Formaldehyde (50-00-0) Ensinger
Acrylic – CastNoneNoneChemcast
Acrylic – ExtrudedNoneEthyl Acrylate 140-88-5Plaskolite
CPVCNoneTitanium DioxideGehr
Delrin – Homopolymer (FDA colors)Acrylamide (79-06-1), Ethylene Oxide (75-21-8) Formaldehyde (50-00-0) Acrylamide (79-06-1) ,, Formaldehyde (50-00-0) Ensinger
Delrin – Black HomopolymerNoneCarbon black (1333‐86‐4)Ensinger
Delrin AF – Natural (Brown) Formaldehyde (50-00-0) Formaldehyde (50-00-0) Ensinger
Glass Filled MaterialNoneFiberglass (65997-17-3)
HDPE – NaturalNoneNonePolymer
HDPE – Black/ColoredNoneCarbon black (1333‐86‐4), Titanium Dioxide, Nickel Polymer
HDPE – Colored Starboard/MarineNoneNoneKing/Polymer
HDPE – Black Starboard/MarineNoneNoneKing/Polymer
Hi Impact Styrene – NaturalNoneStyrene (100-42-5), Ethyl benzene (100-41-4)Spartech
Hi Impact Styrene – BlackNoneStyrene (100-42-5), Ethyl benzene (100-41-4)Spartech
Kynar – NaturalNoneNoneSimona
LDPENoneCarbon black (1333‐86‐4), Titanium Dioxide, Nickel Polymer
Noryl – PPONoneCarbon black (1333‐86‐4)Westlake
Nylon 6/6NoneCarbon black (1333‐86‐4)Ensinger
Nylon 6/12NoneMay contain Carbon black (1333‐86‐4)Ensinger
Nylon 6 CastNoneMay contain Carbon black (1333‐86‐4)Nylatech
PEEK – BlackNoneCarbon black (1333‐86‐4)Ensinger
Polyester Film – MylarNoneTitanium Dioxide, SilicaTeijin Films
Polyester Black Film – MylarNoneCarbon black (1333‐86‐4), Titanium Dioxide, SilicaTeijin Films
PET – PolyesterNoneCarbon black (1333‐86‐4)Ensinger
PETG – VivakNoneNonePlaskolite
Polycarbonate Sheet – Glazing Bisphenol A NonePlaskolite
Polycarbonate – Clear Bisphenol A NonePlaskolite
Polycarbonate – Black Bisphenol A Carbon black (1333‐86‐4)Plaskolite
PolyethyleneNoneCarbon black (1333‐86‐4), Titanium Dioxide, Nickel Polymer
PolypropyleneNoneCarbon black (1333‐86‐4)Simona
PVC Type 1NoneNoneGehr
PVC Type 2NoneNoneGehr
PVC Clear – LAM 2000NoneNoneSimona
PVC – CRP-1NoneNoneSimona
PTFE/PolytetrafluoroethyleneCarbon Monoxide (630-08-0)Tetrafluoroethylene (116-15-4)Enflo
RadelNoneCarbon black (1333‐86‐4), Titanium DioxideWestlake
UHMW – NaturalNoneNoneRochling
UHMW – Black/ColorNoneCarbon black (1333‐86‐4), Titanium Dioxide, NickelRochling
Ultem Bisphenol A NoneEnsinger