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High Tech / Performance Plastics

industrial plastics manufacturing

High Tech / Performance Plastics

High Performance Plastic Materials with Superior Properties

High Tech / Performance Plastic

High Performance plastics go beyond standard materials. Their superior properties and long lasting endurance make them excellent for many applications in many different industries.

Acetal & Delrin®

Copolymer Acetal (POM) and the Dupont name brand Homopolymer Delrin® are available in sheet and rod sizes.

Both POM grades have very similar properties. Our clients appear to prefer the Dupont brand name Homopolymer materials because of the superior physical properties. The issues that lead clients to the Copolymer Acetal is a slightly lower cost, and the minor inherent center-line porosity in the Delrin® 150SA Homopolymer grade.



Nylon (Polyamide)

Nylon material is used frequently in a self lubricating bearing surface or slide type applications. Resistant to most common chemicals.

One of the most popular work horse materials of the mechanical plastics family. The number designations that follow each type of nylon  refers to the number of carbon atoms contained in the material’s prior polymerization process.

Nylon is available in Type 6 (cast), Type 6/6 (extruded), Type 6/10, and Type 6/12. Nylon comes in black and natural, and can also be glassed filled or MD ( molybdenum disulfide ). MD is a composition designed to improve the mechanical, thermal, and bearing properties to Type 6/6 nylon while maintaining its basic electrical and chemical characteristics.

Natural and Black Extruded Nylon 66 plate and sheet

Polypro (Polypropylene)

Polypropylene combines high corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance (Melting point is 320°F), and great tensile strength.

It maintains its stiffness at elevated temperatures and displays incredible resistance to organic solvents, degreasing agents, and electrolytic attack. In addition, the material is lightweight, and stain and moisture resistant.

Metal, Visual, X-ray Detecable

Detectable plastics are primarily used in the Food Processing industry on large scale processing equipment. The primary purpose of these materials is to be easily identifiable should a piece of it break off during production. For instance, if a standard piece of plastic was used to push an unpackaged food product down a conveyor belt, and a piece came off into the food, it would be difficult to identify. In the detectable versions of this, the bright visual version can be seen easily, the X-ray version can be quickly detected via X-ray, and the metal version can be seen with either of the previous methods or potentially using a magnet. These products help maintain a safe food production process and keeps foreign objects from entering our food supply.

Blue Metal Detectable Plastic Helps Reduce Food Recalls | The Plastic Mentor Blog


Noryl® PPO (Polyphenylene Oxide) material is used frequently in fluid handling applications due to the very low moisture absorption.

Noryl® is similar to Acetal and P.E.T., but carries a better UL rating. It has excellent electrical properties, extremely low water absorption, is vacuum formable, machinable and bondable, and has good temperature resistance.




PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) is a highly crystalline thermoplastic with excellent properties making it an ideal material for medical, electrical and electronic industries. Also makes great pump bodies, compressor components, valve seat, and housing applications.

Rated as “Best” or nearly the best in all mechanical properties of plastic materials. It carries UL 94-V-0 flammability rating and is FDA approved for food contact. PEEK has excellent dimensional stability, even under elevated temperatures.




Polyamide-imide (PAI), also known under the trade name Torlon®, is an engineering thermoplastic with attributes of high strength and stiffness. Torlon® is known for its high wear resistance in dry and lubricated environments, low flammability and smoke generation, very low-temperature toughness and impact strength, excellent resistance to wear and creep under load, excellent compressive strength and extremely low CLTE, and resistant to most chemicals. Please inquire with us about purchasing Torlon®.



Ultem (Polyetherimide) is great for applications that require improved stiffness. Glass fiber-filled grades with filler levels of 10% – 40% are available. However, the 30% glass fill is the most readily available. Because it offers superior resistance to autoclave sanitizing and its FDA/USDA and USP class VI compliance, PEI / Ultem is frequently specified for reusable machined components used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.


Lesser Known / Lesser Used

These are some more rare or lesser used plastics that are available. They might have slightly different chemical compositions from their relatives or might fall outside the normal categories plastics are placed in. We carry products that have various functions across multiple materials, such as metal or X-ray detectable.

This is not an exhaustive list of Performance Plastics, but the above materials are notable.

If you require a different material please contact us.

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