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Exceptionally Versatile Plastic: Best Uses of PTFE 

Exceptionally Versatile Plastic: Best Uses of PTFE 

Polytetrafluoroethylene or as it’s better known ‘PTFE’ is a popular choice in hydraulics systems and components, being a non-stick surface and a highly durable material. However, since PTFE is made up of some of the strongest bonds in organic chemistry, this type of plastic has many different uses across a variety of industries.

Hydraulic Components and Sealing

The most common use for PTFE is for parts used in seals, gaskets and steam valves that are used to handle caustic fluids. The durability of this plastic has made it popular for a variety of hydraulic fittings like these as well, especially seals used in steam and high temperature applications. The rating for continuous temperature is 500 degrees F, while maintaining physical properties. Virgin PTFE sheets and rods are also excellent materials for wear and slide machined parts found in pumps and manifolds, having a non-stick surface that won’t experience nearly as much wear and tear as other materials.

Thermal Stability for Vehicle Engines

One of the major benefits of PTFE is its high thermal stability, which has made it popular for use in fuel hose linings, gaskets, seals, and other engine components. Its exceptionally long lifespan, high heat resistance and excellent water resistance makes PTFE an excellent choice for making parts such as wiper blades and other exterior components for vehicles.

High Resistance for Chemical Production and Processing

Virgin PTFE sheet and Rod in stock, ready to ship

Virgin PTFE sheet in wide range of thickness

PTFE is a highly durable and corrosion resistant material, and so it has become a popular choice of material for a variety of chemical processing applications. It does not melt or erode under the extreme conditions often found in chemical plants, and can is often used to make components that transport corrosive chemicals and other materials.

Excellent Protection for Electronics

Another industry that often takes advantage of PTFE’s benefits is in the electronics manufacturing. PTFE is commonly used for insulation, semiconductor components, and circuit boards. It offers high quality insulation properties even under harsh conditions, and its electrical conductivity can be increased using fillers such as copper. PTFE has been successfully used in a wide range of different electronics components for many applications, from automobiles to aircraft, where the more delicate electronics components need to be able to survive high temperatures or highly corrosive environments.

Looking for a supplier of high quality PTFE?

Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc. has been a trusted, worldwide supplier of quality performance plastics, including PTFE, since 1975, and we have one of the largest inventories of American made plastic materials in the world. Check out our website to view our full product directory or to contact us with any questions you may have.

7 Things You Must Know When Choosing Your PTFE Sheet Suppliers

7 Things You Must Know When Choosing Your PTFE Sheet Suppliers

How to choose your PTFE Sheet Suppliers

Choosing a PTFE – TFE Sheet Supplier can be difficult, confusing and potentially costly. There are many industries and applications where PTFE – TFE Sheet materials are used, and many providers that want to fill this need. However, it can be difficult to find a supplier that meets all of your business’ PTFE – TFE Sheet needs. To help you choose the supplier that is right for your business, we have compiled this list of 7 things you must know when picking PTFE – TFE Sheet Suppliers.

Virgin PTFE sheets, slabs and round rods1. PTFE – TFE is available in many shapes and sizes

Polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE) can be ordered in many different forms, including rods, sheets, blocks, strips, slabs and tubes. As your business grows, you may need access to one or more additional configurations – or perhaps your business is already using multiple configurations. Choose the proper PTFE Sheet Supplier that can meet not only your current needs, but future needs as well. You can view further information about the shapes and sizes as well as and resin properties on our PTFE – TFE information page here.

2. There are a variety of PTFE – TFE Sheet thicknesses to choose from

It is important to have access to multiple sheet thicknesses, and convenient and cost effective to access them all from one Sheet Supplier. That’s why Industrial Plastic Supply offers sheet thicknesses ranging from .005″ to 3.0″, and rod diameters from .125″ to 6.0″. Film is also available. As with in stock availability, your PTFE Sheet Supplier should also be able to meet all of your Sheet thickness needs. Standard sheet sizes are 48” X 48”, and films generally are stocked in 12” wide rolls.

3. Not all PTFE materials are created equal

Some PTFE – TFE Sheet Suppliers order materials from ‘who ever they can get it from’ on an as-needed basis. This brings the question of quality and consistency to mind. There are many manufacturers, including some from China and Russia with questionable quality ratings and machinability. Before committing to a quality PTFE Sheet Supplier, make sure that the supplier is using a reputable manufacturer, and that the quality of material meets your needs. Getting stuck with a poor quality, difficult or impossible to machine block of PTFE can be time consuming and costly.

4. Minimum material order amounts matter

Large Sheet Suppliers and other plastic suppliers often have high minimum order requirements. This makes sense for high volume applications, but for small businesses, or any business in the clutch, it may be necessary to request a smaller total order. Rather than work with multiple PTFE or Plastic Sheet Suppliers based on order size, choose a supplier that can service any order whether large or small. Industrial Plastic Supply has a low minimum material order of $20.

5. Many suppliers do not keep inventory in stockptfe thread sealant

Just like Grandpa used to say, “You can’t sell from an empty cart”. 

Buying your materials from a plastic ‘broker’, means you may have to wait while they try to find the materials to fulfill your requirements. It may also mean that you get the quality of material that they can find quickly. While this may be acceptable for materials that are rarely ordered, your PTFE Sheet Supplier should have your business’ most commonly used materials on hand. This avoids delays and ensures the quickest possible turnaround times on your important orders, and materials from stock means a quality product for your parts.

6. Industry knowledge is critical

You want a Sheet Supplier that not only can deliver your materials, but answer any questions you may have, including the tough ones – whenever they arise. Finding a quality PTFE Sheet Supplier with expert knowledge and great availability will save your business headaches in the long run. Industrial Plastic Supply’s highly trained staff has an average of nineteen and a half years of experience in the plastic industry, and are only a phone call or e-mail away.

7. Choose a supplier with focus

A focus on industrial grade plastic supplies ensures that a supplier is specialized and knowledgeable enough to be your PTFE Sheet Supplier. By focusing on plastics, such a supplier will be dedicated to your mechanical plastic Sheets, Rods, Tube and other shape needs, no matter the application, and no matter how your business changes. Your important orders will be processed timely and efficiently. Since 1975, Industrial Plastic Supply has focused on the mechanical and machinable plastics market, and nothing else. For more information on PTFE Sheets or other plastic materials, contact Industrial Plastic Supply, 866-832-9315. We will work to earn your business. Also, compare PTFE with UHMW or read our post UHMW Sheet versus PTFE Sheets; or read our post How to use PTFE Rod for ideas.

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