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Ask A “Plasticologist”

Ask A “Plasticologist”

Ask A “Plasticologist”

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What is a “Plasticologist”?

A Plasticologist is an expert in the plastic sheet, rod and tube market. An individual with years of experience dealing with the tough problems our clients face day in and day out. Our entire client support staff is made up of ‘Plasticologists’. Many of our client support team members have 15 or more years experience, some with over 25 years (two remember when dirt was invented). This team helps our clients solve problems, assistance with picking proper materials, knowing what sizes and shapes can be made available, etc.

We are experts, but we are not engineers nor can we engineer your part. We can recommend materials that may work. We can sort through the myriad of sizes, shapes and colors available. We can point out the pitfalls we have seen and helped others to avoid. We are your plastic advocate, your ally and assistant.

While we can’t engineer, we can provide endless data sheets, product information, material availability and popular solutions to problems similar to yours. We spend a fair amount of time working with engineers and manufacturers helping to pick materials for their use, we can certainly assist you with your challenges. We stock a complete line of American Made High Performance Plastic materials, and can assist with any of your plastic sheet, rod and tube requirements.

Give us a try, throw your problem to a “plasticologist”, you deserve this high level of service. If you are looking for some assistance in picking the proper material for your application, our ‘Plasticologists’ are happy to assist in narrowing down a selection, or you can use our free Plastic Materials Selection Guide.

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Not All Plastic Suppliers Are Created Equal

Not All Plastic Suppliers Are Created Equal

Big Differences Between Plastic Suppliers

While you can purchase a piece of plastic from many different suppliers, there are some significant differences between these suppliers. Some of the main differences are in the manufacturers and the materials that you get supplied. High quality Simona PVC rod machined to finished part

We see a wide range of materials and some drastically inferior grades of materials being sold to clients. Some materials have been produced too quickly or cooled too quickly causing a very high stressed plastic piece. These high stressed materials will warp, twist or crack when they get heated or during cutting. This material on the right is a piece of highly stressed Nylon. While cutting the material, our new customer had to stop the saw due to the severe warping and binding of the saw by this material. This new client brought this 24″ long part, and asked if we would cut it for him. We bought this part from him as an excellent example of a high stress plastic. (We did cut a quality piece of material to solve his problem).

One example of differences between manufacturers, is Gehr PVC rod is NSF 51 certified, while Simona PVC rod is not.

Other things you should consider when choosing a quality plastic supplier:

Quality of Materials

Origin of Materials

Huge in stock inventory of Performance Plastic Rod

Huge In Stock Inventory of Plastic Rod

Expert Support

In Stock Materials

Cutting – Converting Services

Longevity – How Long Have They Been In Business (We started in 1975)

Product Knowledge and Experience Equals Quality Plastic Suppliers

We believe that providing quality products is only part of our duty to you. You have intrusted us to help with your requirements, and we believe we should be good stewards of this trust, all part of being a quality plastic supplier. A plastic sheet supplier should advise you if the material you are looking for is the ‘wrong’ material. Acrylic does not do well at 450 degrees. Styrene does not make a good chemical tank. HDPE and PTFE do not bond. These and many more ‘land mines’ are things we help our clients with everyday. We have an experienced client support team (plastic experts), and we value the opportunity to assist our clients with this experience. Go ahead, ask us a question – that is why we have a “Ask A Plasticologist” page on our website.

If you need help, from what are the properties of Acetal, to temperature range on Ultem, please contact us. We look forward to assisting you and all our clients. Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or requests – call us at 866-832-9315 or e-mail us here.

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