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Plastic Materials

Plastic Materials

100s of Performance Plastic Materials
Sheet and Rod In Stock

We Specialize in American Made Wholesale Engineering Plastics, Mechanical Plastics and High Performance Plastics for B2B Industries.

No Counterfeit Materials Here!

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified

All our engineered and performance plastic sheet materials have lot and batch traceability as well as factory certifications, please inquire if this is something you require.
Can’t find the material name you’re looking for? Check our trade names equivalent page or contact us.

This is a wide variety of our plastic materials list, and is not complete. There are dozens of other quality performance plastic materials that are not as common that we can supply. All of these plastic materials may be supplied in Plastic Sheet, Plastic Rod, Plastic Tube, Plastic Round Rod, Plastic Strip, Plastic Bar, Plastic Rectangular Bar, Plastic Square Bar and many other configurations. Please contact us with your plastic needs, we are happy to help.

**Note: Delrin® is a registered Trademark of Dupont

Industrial Plastic Supply welcomes inquiries, please contact us with questions:

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