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PEEK – Polyetheretherketone

Premium Material with Maximum Performance

Tecapeek Natural Virgin PEEK rod, plate and tube

Tecapeek Natural Virgin PEEK

Polyetheretherketone – PEEK

Also available: PAEK, PEKK

PEEK is a highly crystalline thermoplastic with excellent properties making it an ideal material for medical, electrical, and electronic industries. It also makes great pump bodies, compressor components, valve seats, and housing applications.

Rated as “Best” or nearly the best in all mechanical properties of plastic materials. It carries UL 94-V-0 flammability rating and is FDA approved for food contact. PEEK has excellent dimensional stability, even under elevated temperatures.

VICTREX® is the leading supplier of this specialty resin with their Victrex® 450G material, although the name PEEK is generic for the resin. This range of materials also includes Avaspire®, PAEK, and PEKK grades which offer similar property ranges; but have slightly different properties in either impact, heat, or stress applications.

The industry generally calls these materials PEEK 450g Plate or PEEK 450g rod, indicating that the Victrex 450g resin is used to produce the PEEK plate or PEEK rod. While this has become standard practice, we would encourage you to use the complete call out of Victrex 450g PEEK plate or similar. Industrial Plastic Supply is one of the leaders in the High-Performance Plastic marketplace, and will only supply high-quality PEEK materials per our client’s specifications.

Our leading premium suppliers of these materials include Rochling Plastics – Sustapeek®, Ensinger Plastics – Tecapeek®, and ZL Plastics – ZL® 1500. These and other factories we partner with supply only high-quality, name brand resins. No counterfeit materials here! PEEK is a High Tech Performance Plastic.

Medical Grade PEEK is USP Class VI certifiable, contact us for more information.

Why you should use PEEK:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Extremely high continuous temperature to 480 degrees F
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Excellent Machining
  • Low co-efficient of friction
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Outstanding Wear resistance
  • Is USP Class VI approved for medical applications
  • PEEK is ITAR compliant, and PEEK is RoHS compliant 

This material is an excellent machining material – a favorite of machinists. It works like soft brass and has exceptional dimensional stability.

  • Used in demanding applications in industries like electrical, medical, automotive, and aerospace
  • Other uses: bearings, compressor plate valves, pumps, and cable and wire insulation
  • Constantly wet environments
  • Electrical environments

Contact us for more information on all the other grades in the Ketone family. While it solves many demanding engineering requirements, it is also rather expensive. Most clients choose these resins as a last resort, but if your design calls for high heat, high chemical resistance, excellent dimensional stability, excellent wear resistance and/or USP certification, these are an excellent solution.

VICTREX has been at the forefront of high performance plastic materials, with PEEK being their flag-ship product line. Mil-P-46183 is most common specification associated with PEEK, call for additional information.

Materials Available As

Sheet, Rod, Tube and Film:


.250″ – 6.0″ Diameter


.250″ – 4.0″ Thickness

Tubular Bar:

Up to 36″ OD – call with your requirements.
Special Formulations: Non-Standard sizes, colors, glass filled and bearing grades

General PropertyASTM TestTypical Value
Specific GravityD7921.32
Tensile Strength YieldD63814,500
Tensile ModulusD638522,000
Izod Impact – NotchedD2561.57
Hardness – RockwellD785M-99 /R-126
Continuous Use TempUL480
Deflection Temp @ 264psiD648320
Co. Thermal ExpansionD6962.6 X 10-5
Mechetec PEEK - Unitrex LF20 parts

These properties are for evaluation purposes only. This information is not to be construed as a warranty, guarantee or assurance that you may achieve the same results. Materials made from different resin types, manufacturing techniques and manufacturers will react differently. The information should be used to compare against other materials only, and each user should make his own tests to determine suitability. No warranty as to this materials suitability are either expressed nor implied.