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Polysulfone – PSU

Polysulfone is an amazing, machinable medical grade performance plastic

Polysulfone- PSU

This material is used frequently in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. Common use in Aircraft, Aerospace and Appliance Manufacturing.This amber colored plastic material is machinable and can be used in a wide range of instrumentation applications.

Polysulfone is a popular material for tight tolerance and high heat. Excellent for Electrical and Electronic, Medical Instruments and Trays. Polysulfone – PSU has several trade names: Tecason S®, Unifone®, Ensifone®, Thermalux®, Udel®, Ultrason® and others. Polyarylsulfone (PAS) also falls into this family. 

Why use Polysulfone – PSU:

  • Excellent Mechanical and Electrical Properties
  • Very Dimensionally Stable
  • Repeat Sterilization and Autoclavable
  • UL 94 V-O @.176? thickness
  • Easily Machinable and Chemical Resistance

This materials is…an amorphous high performance thermoplastic material that has proven performance at elevated temperatures. Great mechanical properties with thermal stability allow for its use in load bearing applications over broad temperature ranges and close tolerance.

  • 320ºF Continuous Use Temperature
  • Flammability Rated at UL 94 V-0
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Low Moisture Absorption
  • Chemically Resistant To Many Acids and Solvents
  • Gamma Radiation Resistance

Polysulfone is ITAR compliant, and Polysulfone is RoHS compliant. 

Applications – Frequently used in:

  • Food Equipment and Dairy Processing
  • Wear and Slide machined parts
  • Electronics Manufacturing and Fixtures
  • Pistons, Manifolds, Timing Screws, Scraper Blades
  • Food Processing Forming Dies

Materials Available As

Sheet – Plate

.032″ (1/32″) – 3.0″ in Natural (Amber Transparent) in 24″ X 48″

Round Rod:

.250″ – 6.0″ diameter in Natural (Amber Transparent) in various lengths


.001″ – .029″ in Natural (Amber Transparent) in 24″ wide roll stock, minimums apply


Call with your requirements, many sizes available, minimums apply

Special Formulations:

Non standard colors, thickness, size or formula, please call for details

General PropertyASTM TestTypical Value
Specific GravityD7921.24
Tensile Strength YieldD63810,200
Izod Impact – NotchedD2561.3
Hardness – RockwellD785R120
Deflection Temp @ 264psiD648345
Deflection Temp @ 66 psiD648358
Co. Thermal ExpansionD6963.1X10-5
Polysulfone sheet and rod are excellent for chemical resistance and high heat applications

These properties are for evaluation purposes only. This information is not to be construed as a warranty, guarantee or assurance that you may achieve the same results. Materials made from different resin types, manufacturing techniques and manufacturers will react differently. The information should be used to compare against other materials only, and each user should make his own tests to determine suitability. No warranty as to this materials suitability are either expressed nor implied.